Roxanne’s thoughts on traveling full-time<br>as a Digital Nomad

Mexico City Remote Year Trip

Roxanne’s experience as a digital nomad In this post, Roxanne Leslie Laurido will be sharing her digital nomad experience with the community while reflecting on the pros and cons of long-term travel. Through her inspiring story, she will share personal observations and important takeaways – Lessons that have value for all of us! While Roxanne’s […]

3 key Takeaways from the COVID-19 Pandemic

3 key takeaways from the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world is slowly getting back into some kind of normality, I have been reflecting on the past two years where COVID-19 turned our daily lives upside down. I guess I speak for all of us when I say: “Thank god the pandemic finally seems to be over!” It came out of nowhere and […]

Nomad Goods Product Review 2022

Nomad Goods Product Review: By Digital Nomads

Nomad was kind enough to send me a package with some of their latest products to make sure that my travel essentials are up to date before summer.   Disclaimer: We are not obligated to do any product promotion – so I will give you my honest thoughts about their products in this Nomad Goods review. […]

The digital nomad village In Madeira, Portugal  

The Digital Nomad Village In Ponta do Sol, Madeira, Portugal

Madeira might not be the first destination you have in mind when planning your travels as a digital nomad. Maybe you are only familiar with the island because it is the birthplace of Christiano Ronaldo. However, the Madeira archipelago is so much more! It’s a hidden gem for both tourists and digital nomads. In fact, […]

The Best Portable Laptop Stands For Digital Nomads

The Best Portable Laptop Stands For Digital Nomads

The best laptop stands for nomads A portable laptop stand is essential for digital nomads and people who travel a lot for work. As a digital nomad, your work environment is constantly changing. Some days you might be working at a coworking space or a coffee shop, while on other days, you will be working […]

Is joining a coworking space worth the money?

Is joining a coworking space worth the money?

As a traveling digital nomad or someone with a remote job, you have the freedom to choose your workspace. The opportunities are many, from work at home or in a café to joining a coworking space or renting a private office. We believe that a coworking space is one of the best options for remote- […]

Experience The Nomad Jungle Fest 2022

Join Nomad Jungle Fest 2022 From the 4th to the 10th of April, you have a chance to join a unique group of digital nomads and entrepreneurs on the yearly – Nomad Jungle Fest. The event will take place in Chemuyil, Mexico, and stretch over seven days, where like-minded creatives will get a chance to […]

Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay Despite COVID-19

Coworking spaces are here to stay

The last two years have been a difficult time for all of us. COVID-19 has restricted our daily lives and isolated us from friends, colleagues, and family. The pandemic turned the world upside down, and just like the rest of us, the coworking industry was not prepared for the scale of this global crisis. Will […]

The 6 Best Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners

The Best Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners - Find A Remote Job

Are you tired of working in the office for eight hours a day, five days a week? You are not the only one who feels this way. Luckily there are different ways to escape the nine to five rat race and bring your work remotely. We assure you by the time you finish reading this […]