The digital nomad village In Madeira, Portugal  

The Digital Nomad Village In Ponta do Sol, Madeira, Portugal

Madeira might not be the first destination you have in mind when planning your travels as a digital nomad. Maybe you are only familiar with the island because it is the birthplace of Christiano Ronaldo. However, the Madeira archipelago is so much more! It’s a hidden gem for both tourists and digital nomads. In fact, […]

Why Coworking Spaces Are Here To Stay Despite COVID-19

Coworking spaces are here to stay

The last two years have been a difficult time for all of us. COVID-19 has restricted our daily lives and isolated us from friends, colleagues, and family. The pandemic turned the world upside down, and just like the rest of us, the coworking industry was not prepared for the scale of this global crisis. Will […]

A Digital Nomad’s Packing List: Top 9 Essentials

A Digital Nomad’s Packing List- Top 9 Essentials

What gear to pack as a digital nomad? Are sandy beaches and rolling canyons calling your name? As more people are working remotely or taking their business into their own hands, becoming a digital nomad has become an appealing route. No longer bound by the confines of a cubicle, digital nomads travel across the country […]

How To Be Successful on Fiverr

How To Be Successful on Fiverr - 4 steps to stand out on Fiverr

What is Fiverr? Do you have a skillset or knowledge in an industry that could translate into a source of income through freelancing? Do you dream of living it up with a digital nomad lifestyle? Well, Fiverr is the right place to be. Fiverr is an online e-commerce marketplace for freelance services like programming, copywriting, video editing, […]