Flow APP: pay-as-you-go access to Coworking & Fitness

Last updated on: 17 11월 2023
FLOW places APP for digital nomads

Are you ready to find your flow?

For many of us, the pandemic changed everything about how we live, work, and play. Thanks to hybrid and remote work policies, more people than ever are experiencing the freedoms and benefits of a more autonomous and flexible work/life schedule – and finding balance in new ways. That’s where Flow comes in.

Flow Places: A new startup from London

Flow was founded during the pandemic when co-founders Mark and James realized that working from home all the time was killing their vibe, but that they also valued their new-found remote-work freedom and flexibility.

They needed to boost their mental and physical health by getting out of their apartments in London, but they couldn’t find or access the places nearby that would provide the right environment at the right time.

Coworking spaces and fitness studios weren’t a new phenomenon, so they knew that such places were out there – However, they didn’t want to commit to a single membership in a specific city, now as they finally gained the freedom to work remotely.

This mindset sparked the idea for FLOW places.

The world is filled with incredible places. Let’s tap into them.

The benefits of flow app for digital nomads

That’s why they built Flow – to give founders, freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads on-demand access to the best coworking spaces, fitness studios, and health spas through 1-click entry and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

Use the app to find nearby locations that have availability in real-time, check-in for access, and check-out to pay by the minute or day. No memberships. No bookings. No commitments.

Via their APP Flow Places allows you to browse co-living spaces, coworking spaces, fitness studios, health centers, spas, and much more.

They have made it extremely easy and transparent to arrive in a new city and find communities with like-minded people. But what truly makes the Flow APP unique is the ability to pay-as-you-go.

No more signing up for memberships! Simply pay through the APP – visit per visit.

A real game changer for digital nomads and remote workers who enjoys flexibility, change of environment, and new acquaintances.

In a world where people can work from anywhere, Flow helps people belong everywhere.

Being on the road as a digital nomad can be lonely and tiring, if you don’t have the right people around you and some good habits in place.

Going to a coworking space, living at a co-living space, or simply joining fitness activities – allows you to meet new like-minded people and give you a sense of belonging no matter where you are in the world.

Since the launch in 2020 Flow is now available in over 100 locations in London. They’re helping thousands of users find their flow every day by changing the way we interact with the physical spaces around us.

You’ll find Flow checkpoints available across London with providers like Uncommon, Second Home, Work.Life, Huckletree, Digme, City Athletic, Nordic Balance, and more.

Flow was founded in London and as the concept has proved itself, the company is now expanding to new cities around the world, with New York and Miami coming next. 

pay-as-you-go access for digital nomads

If remote work is our new-found freedom and the way to a better work/life balance, then access is the superpower we all need. Flow gives us exactly that. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Flow to offer all By Digital Nomads readers one free pass to any location available on Flow.

Click the link below to download the app and use promo code: BYDIGITALNOMADS when you register your account.

We would love to hear/see your experience as a digital nomad leveraging the benefits of Flow. Tag us on instagram via hashtag: #bdnflow