What is a digital nomad?

Last updated on: 26 January 2022

Nomads have been around as long as human mankind, and they are characterized as people who don’t have a fixed home. Traditional nomads moved around from place to place because of work opportunities.

With the invention of the internet came a subculture of nomads, who best can be described as digital nomads. These people move around because they have the freedom to bring their work with them.

The definition of digital nomads

Digital nomads are a relatively new phenomenon that we first saw in early 2000. This lifestyle came with the internet and all the business opportunities; that it brought to the world.

Digital nomads are individuals; who take advantage of modern technologies to manage their communication and workflow through the internet. This makes them location independent, meaning that as long as they have their computer and a good steady internet connection, they can work from anywhere in the world

The evolution

The digital nomad lifestyle has over the last decade become significantly more popular, due to the evolution of the internet. At the same time, internet connection has become more widespread across the world and are now available in the most remote areas. This has been a key factor In the development of the movement since remote areas and developing countries are some of the most beautiful and cost-friendly to live and work from. The perfect example is Bali, which has turned into a paradise for digital nomads, due to its good climate, welcoming culture, and amazing nature.

The covid-pandemic made it more difficult than ever before to live as digital nomads. But the pandemic has forced people to work remotely, making more people suitable for a digital nomad lifestyle in the future.

More and more jobs are becoming less location-dependent, meaning that a big variety of professions; now appeal to the digital nomad lifestyle. The number of opportunities is only increasing in this historical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, where companies have been forced to rethink their way of working and how to manage their staff when employees have been sent home to work.

How do digital nomads make money?

There are a lot of jobs that can be done remotely, and the number of ways you can make money online is only limited to your skillset and imagination. The main ways to work as a digital nomad is:

Who is suitable for a nomadic lifestyle?

While many people may think this way of life sounds like a dream scenario, they forget about the practical things and let themselves be seduced by the perfect beach-scenario.

The reality of being a digital nomad is different from what most people imagine. The lifestyle demands a high level of self-discipline as well as being good at handling constant change. The lifestyle can also be lonely at times, and you need to be able to deal with stress and constant change well.

The lifestyle is perfect for people who quickly get bored with routines and do not thrive well under other’s leadership. 

You also need to be good at dealing with challenges, constant change, and meeting new people for temporary relations.

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