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Last updated on: 17 11월 2023
From the 4th to the 10th of April, you have a chance to join a unique group of digital nomads and entrepreneurs on the yearly – Nomad Jungle Fest. The event will take place in Chemuyil, Mexico, and stretch over seven days, where like-minded creatives will get a chance to expand their skills and network informally and interactively.

About The Nomad Escape

The event is hosted by The Nomad Escape. They have build a foundation for an annual global event where nomads get at chance to network with like-minded people and expand their knowledge and skills.

In recent years The Nomad Escape has nurtured into a community of 220+ Escapers from 21 nationalities, joining events in real life and online.

The Nomad Escape helps remote working professionals worldwide by hosting exclusive business- and self-development programs, where they can grow their skills, network, and business.

“Last year, we created Nomad Island Fest, the foundation of a unique interactive global network event for online entrepreneurs and remote working professionals. What we aimed to be an annual reunion, is now a recurrent format whose goal is to gather during the year 500+ professionals in popular remote work hubs, in collaboration with partners with shared values. After a very successful first edition of Nomad Island Fest on Madeira Island, we are now celebrating the 20th overall edition of The Nomad Escape with a new fest in the area of Tulum: the Nomad Jungle Fest.”

As a result of the pandemic, we have seen remote working becoming the new normal. This new wave of remote workers will lead to more digital nomads and the Nomad Jungle Fest 2022 is a great opportunity for anyone embarking on a digital nomad journey.

The Nomad Escape brings people from different professional and cultural backgrounds together in a single place. That creates a magical atmosphere and the perfect setup for personal- and business growth!

Secure your spot at the Nomad Jungle Fest 2022

The Nomad Jungle Fest 2022 will be a truly special event, combining business, networking, wellness, activities, relaxation, and fun.

The event is organized by remote working entrepreneur Michelle Maree; Founder of The Nomad Escape. Besides hosting more than 400 mastermind sessions, she has expertise in business development, marketing, sales, and community building.

It’s a business-focused event where you get a chance to expand your network and develop your skill-set as a digital nomad. The seven-day Nomad Jungle Fest 2022 will consist of activities like; business brainstorming sessions, life talks, expert workshops, Match Making programs, and much more. 

With the all-included package deal, you will be staying in the beautiful Paledora Selva resort with breakfast included and access to morning workouts and yoga sessions.

After a long and productive day, you will be able to enjoy entertainment, local ceremonies, bonfires, adventures, and dance workshops to help everyone unplug from the daily routine and business mindset. 

Secure your spot at the Nomad Jungle Fest 2022

The Nomad Jungle Fest 2022 Program

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