Discover the 9 best coworking spaces in Barcelona

Last updated on: 17 11월 2023

Barcelona has for decades been a hotspot for tourists, as well as people seeking a life abroad. Every year millions of people visit the Catalan capital, and for many, it sparks a dream of turning this city into their permanent home. Others end up in  Barcelona because it’s one of the best destinations for digital nomads

Because of these reasons, Barcelona has turned into a vibrant and multicultural city that attracts foreigners from all around the world.

Barcelona's coworking environment

Barcelona has become a hotspot for both startups as well as digital nomads. The beautiful surroundings, vibrant nightlife, stunning architecture, and a unique artistic vibe; are some of the perks that make Barcelona a popular nomad destination.


The coworking scene of Barcelona

Whether you are self-employed, living in Barcelona, or visiting the city as a digital nomad, a coworking space is an important part of a structured workday. A coworking space will help you expand your network of like-minded people, and new business opportunities may present themself.

After visiting most of the coworking spaces in the city, we have created a list of the best coworking spaces in Barcelona, based on our experiences:

Aticco started, as the Catalan name applies, being a penthouse coworking space with a spacious terrace as their unique selling point. Aticco has grown into one of the biggest coworking communities in Barcelona, with six independent locations spread across the center of Barcelona.

The variety of different locations offer everything from beach and pool to city center and 360° rooftop views. A great thing about Aticco is that their membership gives you access to all six locations in Barcelona.

Aticco has a community interface, where you can connect with other members, sign-up for events, share knowledge, and much more. Aticco arranges different events, to keep the community engaged. Every Tuesday you will get updated on the latest news and have a chat with your workmates over the weekly breakfast. Every month Aticco arrange parties and organize fitness activities for their members.

Another thing we like about Aticco is their launch of a co-living concept. The perfect solution for digital nomads coming to Barcelona on a short-term stay.

OneCowork is one of Barcelona’s most acknowledged coworking spaces. They currently offer three unique locations, Marina Port Vell, Plaça Catalunya, and Catedral.

Every location has different advantages and priorities, but there is something special about their Marina Port Vell location. This office gives you the feeling of working on a big luxury yacht.

When you step into OneCowork, you notice the unique interior design that compares to a five-star hotel. OneCowork’s offices combine functionality with beautiful aesthetics. Everything from furniture to decoration is well thought out, so you will experience a clear theme going through all parts of their offices, where functionality and design align perfectly.

La Vaca has transformed what used to be an old cowshed into one of Barcelona’s best coworking spaces. La Vaca coworking is located in the heart of the trendy Poble Sec district. A vibrant neighborhood with a local atmosphere. Two blocks from La Vaca, you will find ‘Carrer De Blai’ known as the ‘Street of the Tapas’. A great lunch spot, where you can experience some of the best ‘pintxos’ in town.

In our opinion, smaller individual coworking spaces tend to have a better community feeling, and La Vaca definitely proves our point. You will feel like a part of the family from day one, and it’s easy to connect with coworkers over weekly activities and events organized by La Vaca.

The coworking space consists of two floors, with two completely different atmospheres. The main floor is designed to keep you focused on projects, and the office space is very green, full of plants and natural light. The basement has a super cool vibe to it and forms the perfect setting for your creativity to flow. The basement offers everything from chill areas, billard, ping pong, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria.

CloudWorks is a Spanish office and coworking space, with a presence in both Barcelona and Madrid. CloudWorks has been growing fast and they have recently opened their ninth coworking space in Barcelona city, which means that you will easily find a CloudWorks office near your home. CloudWorks has been good at finding the right locations for their offices, often with unique attributes like rooftop terraces or open communal areas.

Compared with many other coworking spaces on the list, CloudWorks offers a fair price of 20€ for a daily pass. That makes it an excellent option for digital nomads, visiting Barcelona for a short period and want to leverage the benefits of a community full of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

MOB, which stands for Makers Of Barcelona, is a young and creative community full of talent where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives. MOB Barcelona offers competitive prices, making their workplace a good value for money. MOB is a creative hub with three well-located offices in the city center of Barcelona.

The MOB community host events where you can benefit from great skill-sharing and networking. MOB has recently launched a concept called MOB Nomad. This membership allows you to travel and work from their brand new coworking network, which brings bright and creative minds together – The perfect option for Digital Nomads.

With over 800 locations worldwide, WeWork is well-known throughout the world, and their presence in Barcelona is no exception, with top-class office facilities.

WeWork has an all-access pass, making it a good option for digital nomads traveling throughout the world. The All-access pass lets you use their big selection of offices spread across the world.

In Barcelona, WeWork currently has four locations. Two of them in the financial district of Poblenou and two are located at each end of the famous shopping street, Diagonal.

The only downside of WeWork is that a lot of their office spaces are reserved for companies, so there might not be a membership option available, if you are an independent freelancer or digital nomad. All of their locations have a different focus, so we recommend you check their availability and prices.

Monday cowork is a relatively new player in the market but offers some competitive facilities and has managed to differentiate from competitors in terms of locations.

They have three offices in Barcelona. Their Barceloneta location, located next to W hotel, gives you a beachfront office with beautiful views, where you can enjoy an ocean swim during your lunch break.

You will find their second location in the city center of Barcelona. This office appeals to fitness enthusiasts since it has a well-equipped gym included in the facilities. They also have a big outdoor terrace, great for both social activities and lunch breaks in the sun.

Their third and last location is a house located in the hills of the Tibidabo district, with a swimming pool and stunning views overlooking the city.

Their community host some super cool events like outdoor cinema nights, Sports tournaments, skill-share events, physiotherapy sessions, and much more.

BetaHaus is one of the oldest concepts when it comes to the coworking scene of Barcelona. BetaHaus has over the years achieved an excellent reputation and has become a well-known brand in the city.

They are located in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Gracia. Their five-floor building offers a variety of great working spaces, meeting rooms, common areas, and five terraces with stunning views.

“MORE THAN A COWORKING SPACE - Betahaus is a place to meet, create and be productive”


Utopicus offers uniquely concept-designed coworking spaces. They have four beautiful offices in Barcelona, which is a good option for independent entrepreneurs, freelancers, as well as companies.

We especially like their Coworking & CLUB membership, which is based on 80 hours/per month, for a competitive price point at 120 EUR. With this option, you can balance your workweek or days between the home office, cafes, and Utopicus. You can spend a few hours every day at Utopicus, to benefit from their community and network with interesting people, which might lead to new business opportunities.

ImaginCafé is a joker on the list since it is a mix between a regular café and a coworking space. However, the unique thing about ImaginCafé is that it’s completely free to use. That makes it a good option for digital nomads, who are visiting the city for a few days and don’t want to spend money on a day pass at one of the options above.

ImaginCafé is located in the city center, near the famous Plaça de Catalunya. Since it is free to use, ImaginCafé can be quite packed, making it ideal to arrive early.

Ready to cowork in Barcelona?

We hope this article educated you on the coworking scene and made it easier for you to choose your next coworking space in Barcelona. As digital nomads, a coworking space is the fastest and easiest way to meet like-minded people when traveling to a new destination. Once you start working from coworking spaces, it’s hard to find the same level of focus in cafés and at home. So why not invest in yourself and use a coworking space; to get the most out of your time in Barcelona.

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