How To Be Successful on Fiverr

Last updated on: 17 11월 2023
How To Be Successful on Fiverr - 4 steps to stand out on Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Do you have a skillset or knowledge in an industry that could translate into a source of income through freelancing? Do you dream of living it up with a digital nomad lifestyle? Well, Fiverr is the right place to be. Fiverr is an online e-commerce marketplace for freelance services like programming, copywriting, video editing, marketing, graphic design, and much more. Each service offer often referred to as a “gig”, sells from $5 to as high as thousands of dollars depending on a service provider’s reputation. Launched in 2010, Fiverr has since become a platform for side hustling and, even for others, a full-time hustle where they sell freelance services purchased by many companies and individuals. 

What to consider when starting on Fiverr

Know how things work

Just like any other business venture, a fundamental requirement for success on Fiverr is to know “how things work”. You would need to familiarize yourself with the platform before advertising your first gig. The Fiverr Help and Education Center is a great place to start with the essential information you can use to your advantage. We recommend you frequently revisit the Fiverr Help and Education Center for updates and tips to improve your freelance business. 

Join the Fiverr forum

Fiverr Community forum is an incredible platform you can leverage to master Fiverr and get things done. Over there, you can access great resources for successful tips, and network with other sellers.

Be creative with your gigs

As a beginner on Fiverr, there is a limit to the number of gigs you can set up. As you move up each seller level, the number of gigs allowed will increase. To move up the ladder, buyers need to know the value you can offer them for the price you charge. Your gig promotions should look professional and imply a top-quality service offering. If you provide other related Gigs, do mention them in the description and leave a link to them as well. It would be great to use images and videos to enhance your gig visuals. Remember, you are competing with many other sellers, and hence great visuals would help you stand out. An eye-catching main gig image, preferably 608 x 410px or higher, and a similar size ratio is recommended.

Target a specific niche to stand out

If you have a skillset that is widely represented on Fiverr, it can be a good strategy to brand your gig towards a specific niche. For example, there are thousands of copywriters on Fiverr and many have already built a great amount of trust through reviews – so how can you compete with them? Your skillset is copywriting, now try to consider what your interests and passions are. While there are many copywriters on Fiverr, there may not be many who focus on writing content for specific niches like; real estate, surfing, etc. Finding your own approach is an important factor when it comes to your potential success on Fiverr. First, you need to build a fundamental reputation, then you can start to expand your target audience further.


While prices start at $5, you must carefully price your gigs to find a well-balanced price. Nobody wants to work for a pittance, but you should also consider charging a little less than what sellers who offer similar services do charge to outdo the competition if you are a new seller. If given a chance, people would naturally pay less for the same quality of service. You can use this approach to build a loyal buyer base and reputable profile with good reviews, before charging a premium price. Note that beginners who charge prices way below the standard fee may be seen as inferior service providers—so, you have to be careful with this approach.

How to get noticed on Fiverr with your new gig

Actively seek buyers

Instead of sitting back to have buyers who happen to love your profile and gigs contact you, you need to be proactive. You could browse through service requests posted by buyers and directly send your offer to them.

Get good reviews

Having good reviews of your offer is a great way to get noticed. You can achieve this if you make a conscious effort to maintain a high standard of professionalism. Always try to exceed buyers’ expectations in a way that would lure them into coming back as returning customers—a key for success on Fiverr. Ensure that all clients are satisfied at the end of every gig and keep communication lines open to correct any issues. When all is done, ask them to write you a review.

Use search engine optimization

Keep in mind that Fiverr is a search engine, and as such, the most optimized gigs get seen more. Hence it would help if you leveraged search engine optimization when creating your gigs. Make gigs easy to read, user and mobile-friendly by appropriately formatting them. Also, make sure to use keywords likely to be used by buyers when searching for sellers. A helpful tip is to start a blog and share your experience on platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger. Using keywords and other SEO measures will help drive more traffic to your gigs.

Make the conscious effort to level up

Progressing through Fiverr levels increases your chances of being seen by buyers because each higher level on Fiverr comes with exclusive benefits. These benefits include a special badge, VIP support from Fiverr, and a chance to be listed in Fiverr promotions. You move up levels when you see an increase in your sales; therefore, you have to work diligently and always do your best to meet deadlines.

4 Steps to stand out on Fiverr

1. Keep gigs sweet and straightforward

Do not overdo your gigs in a way that will get buyers overwhelmed with too much information or get bored. Let gigs be engaging from start to finish. It should be concise and communicate clearly to buyers why you are the best and why they should choose you over other sellers offering similar services.

2. Use the Fiverr App

Using the Fiverr app gives you direct access to buyers even when you are away from your personal computer or are just relaxing. With the app, you can interact with buyers at any time and anywhere on a mobile phone.

3. Get certifications

Certifications ensure that your skills are up to date, and it reflects an increased quality of output in the services you render. When displayed on your profile, these certifications give buyers a sense of assurance of quality and level of expertise.

4. Look around for trends

One way to stand out is to start doing what highly successful sellers are doing. Search for sellers from the perspective of a buyer and take note of what successful sellers are doing. Look out for trends common to top sellers and implement the new things you learn into your gigs.

Using Fiverr FAQs

Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) clears a lot of doubts from the minds of buyers. Clearly define gig requirements, or information buyers have to provide you because you would not have clients’ contact information to communicate with them outside Fiverr. This approach reduces a lot of back-and-forth communication to save time to complete projects quickly.

Fiverr will provide you with ideas for FAQs in your Fiverr inbox after you launch a new gig. Your FAQs should answer questions that a buyer might ask, and they typically bother on processes and deliverables. Nevertheless, be patient with clients as not all of them will go through your FAQs and still ask you questions.

Final words

No matter your level of expertise, you may not be able to start pricing at thousands of dollars when you are new on Fiverr, but with time, your skills and hard work would pay off. Some top sellers have made six digits through Fiverr, and so can you if you take your time to study how Fiverr works and diligently work to build a good reputation. If you do this well, Fiverr may end up becoming your full-time hustle.